Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hello from the Spice Islands

I am here! I am finally here! I have waited a whole year to be able to step back into the land that Dad has called me to! It has been a long year, but totally worth it to see all of the faces I will soon get acquainted to. Y'all, Louisiana has nothing on this country. The views, the people, the food, the EVERYTHING! I am so blessed to have the chance to get to come back! As you see by the picture above, this is what we get to view every night at sunset. If you think this is beautiful, you should see the stars. I am looking forward to making posts over the next two months! Please keep lifting us up in Southeast Asia as we are beginning to build relationships with people and begin our work here. The weather is hot, but so is our desire to see the people of the country completely surrendered to our All Knowing, All Loving Father.

Drew: has nothing to say haha! ......If you know Drew, that is completely in character!

To our friends and family, thank you so much for supporting us and sending us to this country! We are forever thankful for y'all! Continue to lift us up as we seek people willing to hear the Good News.
Sending much love from SEA to Louisiana and Texas!

-Wess M.