Friday, June 3, 2016

Meet the Team: College Engineering Tutors

Hello! My name is Lana and I will be updating you on the college engineering tutors team this summer. We will be in Batangas City in the Philippines!

WHAT WE WILL BE DOING:  Our original plans have changed so as far as what we will be doing that is up in the air still. The Philippines has changed their academic calendar to match America so most schools will be in summer school. We will keep you updated on how we will be ministering over the next two months as soon as we know.

David is our humble leader. He just graduated in Civil Engineering from UAB. He will be staying an entire year in the Philippines with the Hands On program (so continue to pray for him even after Nehemiah Teams are over!)

Arden will be a senior at Ouachita Baptist University studying math and physics. She is fun-loving and will bring lots of laughter, truth, and encouragement to our team.

John will also be a senior but he is studying Mechanical Engineering at Arkansas State. He brings a lot of fun and whit to our team. Loves occasional playful banter.

Lana, I will be a junior at Louisiana Tech studying bio-medical engineering. This is my first international mission trip and I could not have picked a better team myself (the nerd jokes are already out of this world) 

  1. Please pray for safety as we begin our travels to the Philippines. Pray that we get through the airport safely and can begin our work with smooth transitions. 
  2. Please also pray for the people we will be encounter this summer. Pray for stirred hearts, changed lives, and for the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work in and through us this summer. 
Thank you for all the prayers and support this summer. We can not wait to see what God will do in the next two months!