Saturday, June 4, 2016

Meet the Team: Refugee Highway

Last week, five strangers came together to follow a call from God to reach refugees. Over the past few days we have grown close and look forward to what God has in store this summer. Now that we have met each other, it is your turn to meet us! 
Kallie, the team leader, attends University of Louisiana in Monroe and is the veteran of the group. She has a sweet spirit that brings out the best in everyone while also being able to keep the team focused on our goal.

James is a Third Culture Kid and currently attends Baylor University. He is a selfless worker who keeps his eyes open for needs and serves lovingly without complaint. 

Emilie is a student at Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania. People are drawn to her because she is fun-loving and has a passion to care for others. 

Garrett is a student at the University of Tennessee. He is a gifted storyteller and has a spirit of boldness when sharing the gospel. 

Lastly, my name is Hannah. I am a Third Culture Kid and currently attend Liberty University. I am a hard worker with the desire to serve both my team and the refugees. 

Even though last week we were strangers, now we are brothers and sisters in Christ following our father together. Please pray that God would be able to use all of our individual strengths to best reach the lost refugees.