Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reaching the Unreached

On a tricycle...
We are called to reach the unreached and the hard to reach. That is exactly what this team is doing.There is quite a bit of hiking and walking to get to the different places, but we are able to do it with joyful hearts because we want to share the gospel of God's grace with those who haven't heard. God has been able to open so many doors for our team. 

The boys have been able to play lots of basketball with the guys of the barangay (village) and the girls have been able to build relationships with the children. Although some trials have come our way, we are encouraged because we know that we are working for the Lord. As a team, we need boldness and to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that people's lives will be changed.

Kids camp... singing & dancing with kids
Hiking up the mountain