Monday, June 13, 2016

Refugees' True Savior

Everyday we are greeted with smiles and hugs when we walk into the camp of 2000 refugees. Many welcome us into their tents and share with us the little food and drinks that they have. Just in the week we have been here, we have developed several relationships with all ages and people groups.

One way we are able to meet people is through daily food & water distribution. Many people are unable to carry everything themselves so we have the opportunity to help them. While we walk with them to their tent, we get to hear a little bit of their story.

Although the people are kindhearted, there is so much pain and sorrow in the camp. In every tent there is someone who has lost someone dear to them in the war. We met one lady who returned home one day to find that her house and family were gone forever. She had to make the journey alone and now she keeps herself busy to escape her pain. Several woman are left caring for their children because their husband passed away or is in another country waiting for their arrival. The people may seem happy but they are broken and in need of hope. They are in need of the Savior.

Please pray that:
•the refugees will seek healing in Jesus and not turn to worldly things for comfort
•we will be bold in sharing about the one who gives eternal hope