Sunday, June 19, 2016

Star Kids

Every Saturday morning our team gets to volunteer at a Soccer Club. Around 30 kids from diverse nationalities join us at a local neighborhood park to play soccer. Our responsibilities are to coach, watch over the children and speak words of encouragement to their lives.  We have a lot of fun with the kids. They are very energetic and fun to be around!

After the kids finish doing soccer drills we gather them in a circle, sing songs of praise, and share a story from the bible. It is truly amazing to see children from different religious backgrounds engage in the stories that are taught.

God has been teaching me that this outreach is more than just playing soccer. It's about an opportunity to share the love of Jesus through our actions and our words of encouragement. Our prayer is  that as the children continue to listen to bible stories that they would begin to fall in love with Jesus.

Our prayer requests for Soccer Club: that God would draw children to Himself through this outreach. Also that we may engage in spiritual conversations with parents and volunteers that have not heard about Jesus.