Friday, June 10, 2016

The Calm Before the Storm

Hello everyone! This first week of our Hope and Healing Project has looked a lot different than the rest of the summer will. Starting on Monday, we begin our medical clinics, but because the teams are not here yet, we have been passing the time volunteering with local ministries and helping the missionary family that we are staying with.

Some of the days we have spent preparing for the medical teams to arrive. These days have consisted of sorting through thousands of different pills and separating them by the weeks they will be distributed.

Other days we have helped volunteer with local ministries. These have included orphanages, schools, a public hospital, home visits, and outreaching to at-risk children who live on the streets.

One day that stood out a lot to our team was this past Saturday where we had fellowship with the group of missionaries in this city. Our missionary family hosted the monthly gathering where we were able to hear about all the work God is doing through various ministries in the city. It was very encouraging to hear all that God is doing in this area.

Tomorrow we will be relocating to the missionary home in a more rural area of the country. We will be packing more pills in preparation for teams to arrive on Sunday and clinics to begin on Monday! Let the fun begin!

Prayer requests:

-For the medical teams to arrive safely
-For the medicine to arrive on time, and not be questioned by customs
-For the Kenyans that we will be serving
-For the health of the team members
-Good weather for the clinics
-For peace in our town (there have been some riots- we are safe- but it could potentially affect our ability to have the medical clinics)
-For the final week of our medical clinics: we have been told this week will be the most challenging with a lot of spiritual warfare