Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Voices of Children

Wow! Drew and I are so humbly grateful for all of the experiences had thus far! We had the opportunity to participate in children worship at a local fellowship this week. It is amazing to hear the little ones lifting praise to Dad. It truly brought me (Wess) to tears as they started. To our surprise, it is in English! Imagine the little voices singing, "He is the Lord of the sunshine, the Lord of the rain. He is the Lord of the good times, the Lord of the bad. He is the Lord of the mountain, the Lord of the sea. He is the Lord of the music, the Lord of the children, the Lord of you and me." Y'all, how amazing is that! Hearing those little voices singing the songs of praise is truly amazing and a special treat! We are forever blessed to have been able to attend and listen to their worship. 

We were able to share testimony after! Blessed! Please continually lift us up as we continue our journey here! Drew and I are trying to conquer the traffic... So PLEASE lift us up in that! And for those of you who do not know about international traffic in SEA, THERE ARE NO RULES OR GUIDELINES. Plus, we forget to drive on the left side sometimes! To our friends and families, we are loving it! We are sending much love from SEA to Louisiana and Texas!

-Wess M.