Thursday, June 16, 2016

Where is your treasure?

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”   -Matthew 6:21
Echoing on my heart this week is this verse. God is revealing to me how my treasure can only be in him if I am to go where he has called me to go, and do what he has called me to do. If my treasure is in anything else, I will never be effective.
After talking with the people in the camps, we realize how much they have lost. For most, it is heartbreaking. We connected with one young woman who is alone in the camp, and lost her entire family to a bomb that destroyed her house. All they have left is their religion, and we have to ask ourselves if we have faith enough to share with them and ask them to give that up too. Sharing, though, seems to be the only logical thing we can do, because we want desperately for them to have hope, and we know where they can find it.
Ramadan began this week in the camps. This is a month long fast in which they do not eat or drink from sun up to sun down. It is very difficult with how hot it can get in the camps. Please pray for them this week as the temperatures are rising.
On the other hand, Ramadan provides us with a unique opportunity to build relationships and share. We changed our hours in the camps to accommodate for this. We now work 2-10. Two other girls and I were able to connect with a family and they are the sweetest people. They invited us for Ramadan on Friday night and prepared a three-course feast for us which I have pictured. It was so humbling. They have lost so much, yet they give so much. They are our favorites, probably. They know we are followers of Jesus, but always shut down spiritual conversation. Please pray for our next encounter with them, that they we will be able to share easily.
As exhausting as this week was, we are realizing how difficult it will be after 2 months to leave the relationships we are making. Please pray for us this week that we will have energy to share and that we would be salt and light. Please pray for open hearts and that the truth we share would change their hearts. Thank you, my friends!