Thursday, July 7, 2016

Divine Appointments in Camp

Over the past couple weeks God has been teaching me about divine appointments. Everyday at the camp we go out and try to meet people to share with. For me it is easy to just get lost in strategy and forgot to listen to where God is calling me. Instead of praying for guidance, I just go full speed ahead. When I was recovering from sickness one day, I was unable to wander around the camp. So instead I sat and prayed. It was a unique experience because every time I sat down, not a minute later a person would come out of nowhere and take me to their tent. Even in my weakened state, God made a way for me to meet and witness to others. 

In a similar way, Kallie and Emilie were just walking down one of the roads not looking for anyone when they met one lady. She is in the camp alone and had never met anyone else on our team. After the girls had talked with her some they got her information so they could visit her later. After they left, she too left the street she was standing on and when back to her tent. There seemed to be no reason why she was standing by the road, but if she had not been then she met not have met Emilie and Kallie. 

It was after that day that I was reminded of my lack of control. While taking action to meet people in the camp is important, if I am acting on my own power than all is for naught. God taught me that day that he is the one in charge. I will continue to act but I have to remind myself of who is taking the lead. I am only a follower of a call and I must listen to know where to go.

Please pray that God would lead us to persons of peace and that we would had divine appointments with them!

-Refugee Highway Team