Tuesday, July 5, 2016

He is our song

He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God” Psalm 40:3. 

We all have the opportunity to live our lives as songs unto the Lord, songs of praise- continuing to worship the one true God day by day. We get the privilege of being used by the great composer and conductor, to be a part of a grand song, something far beyond anything we could ever do on our own. 

This week, we assisted with the Children’s Freedom Choir. We listened to children all week make a beautiful sound unto the Lord and observed them “dance like David”. The kids learned various things throughout the week such as drums, hand bells, dances, and songs. At the end of the week the children performed for parents and friends and for World Refugee Day Celebration on Saturday.

Also this week, as our team was on a quest to find food one night, we stumbled upon some Muslim women breaking fast. They were kind and generous insisting that we eat with them. Before leaving we chatted a bit with one of the ladies and prayed with her before we departed. We believe this to be an amazing opportunity to share the gospel as we build a relationship with this family. It is pretty cool how God will bring us into others’ lives. We learned that we should always keep our eyes and ears open to anyone that God might bring into our lives at any point of the day.
Please be in prayer for the Muslim families we encounter that God would soften their hearts and open their eyes and ears to the Word. 
Also, pray that our team would continue to be intentional with those we come in contact with and would share the love of Christ with them regardless of what might be going on internally and externally.