Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Update from Kenya

The medical teams have been incredibly successful and God has done a lot of awesome work! Many patients have even been sent to get operations done that will either save their lives, or completely change them! Even more importantly, the Gospel has been shared with every single one of them and thousands have accepted Christ! To give you an even better visual, here is all that God has done this summer so far:
Medical patients: 5,362
Prescriptions given: 30,706
Children's ministry: 7,037
Construction: 2 churches, 1 widow's home

God has accomplished all this with just 3 teams, and we still have 2 more to go! Erin and I have still been working in triage and wound care. Some of the wound care has been pretty intense the past couple of days. Ashley expanded her horizons and worked in pharmacy a lot the past 2 weeks. It is so cool seeing her be flexible, leave the children's ministry for some time, and be willing to work where she is needed.

Please be praying especially for team 5. There are ZERO churches where we are going, but rather it is where the headquarters are for one of the largest cults in Africa. The President of CMN has been praying for 3 years to build a church in this area, and we will be planting one 2 miles away from the headquarters! Talk about the power of prayer! Please be praying against spiritual warfare, as we are anticipating it during these weeks. Also please pray for the new churches that have already been planted. In the past, Satan has had a way of attacking the newly formed churches. We know that God loves his Bride and is fighting for her, so we appreciate you joining alongside us in prayer.