Sunday, July 3, 2016

Let's Talk Donald Trump

You read it right folks, presidential candidates are a hot topic here as well! Oh yeah and did I mention hipster coffee shops are a thing too? Our group talked about what people think about Donald Trump and got to talk about different preferences and issues when it comes to voting. 

This was the beginning of our weekly gathering at a local coffee shop on Monday nights in hopes of getting our new friends of varying religions to come and talk about global hot topics. They are aware that Christians are leading the discussions, but we want everyone to feel welcome and able to express their own opinions. This goes against the majority of their culture because it is more common to keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves, which as you know is unlike the American culture. 

It was fun to get people out of their comfort zone, but this makes it very hard to get people to come to our discussions. This was just week #2, and we did not reach our goal of the number of people we wanted to come. We hope and pray to have a room full of people as the weeks go on.  Our goal is to get people to come so that we can form relationships and introduce Christ into their lives. Please be praying for this opportunity to open up to huge advances for the kingdom.

-Global City Outreach Team