Sunday, July 3, 2016

Selfie, Mister?

Drew and I have had the opportunity to attend a camp of over 400 kids this past week. As you can tell by the title of blog, lots of pictures were taken. It was a great experience for us. Especially for me, Wess, since I have worked as a camp counselor in America. This year was a little different, we did not understand much! Also, at this camp, people slept in handmade tents with no A/C, running water, and only rice and fish for a whole week. I stopped to think how many American kids would sign up for a camp like this.

Drew and I both had the chance to talk to the youth during the night services about our testimonies. When the white people are on stage, all eyes are on us. What a better chance to share what Dad has done in our lives throughout the years. It was even more special to get to share my heart for SEA and share how much each and every one of them meant so much and that people back home are constantly lifting them up.
Drew sharing his testimony

Are you? Have you prayed for us today? Please do! Pray for the youth of this camp, that their fire for God would not burn out and they will use their knowledge learned to go back home and share what God has done for them! Thanks for the prayers! We are seriously feeling it here over in SEA!