Friday, July 1, 2016

Mid-Summer Update: Avery

Today is a day of rest. I am so thankful that God has been both before me, beside me, behind me, and all around me. It has been a tough month of ministry but a good one. It is one thing to see someone in a church come to know Christ after hearing the gospel time and time again... It is another to present the TRUE gospel to a grown man and see him break down in tears at finally hearing and knowing the truth. There is a difference between lost and un-reached, because the lost are just lost and not un-reached. I'm facing a little home sickness so please be in prayer for that.
A bacon-cheeseburger would be great right now, but by the time I leave here I would have lived here for around 52 days. Once I return home I will spend 10 months before returning back to Nehemiah Teams for the next summer (God has called me back already) and in those 10 months I will realize that the homesickness I will face will be in reverse. We are called to peoples and not places... please be in prayer for the waray waray people. You have a part in this war and that is through prayer.
Grace and peace, Oh how can this be?
For lawbreakers and thieves, 
for the worthless, The least.

What an amazing mystery that his Grace has come to the whosoever. To God be the Glory!
Riverboat Team