Friday, July 1, 2016

You must be a servant of Him

Today (Sunday) we were able to visit another local gathering, but this time it was in BH. The fellowship was significantly smaller than the last one we attended, but we were still overjoyed to watch what He is doing in the local peoples. We LOVED getting to see some of the older club members sing together, and were honored to listen to a guest shepherd from the closest major city.

Yesterday though, Des, Allison, Charley, and I were able to have TONS of awesome conversation. During afternoon coffee, Des shared what the Book has to say about ghosts to our friend Kim, and I was able to tell the story of Hannah and Samuel, since my name comes from that story. Kim's response to that was, "Oh, you must be a servant of *HIM*!" It was so neat watching how my name is a witness to the Most High.

During the same afternoon, Charley was able to share the story of the 5000 with Kendy. She was so interested, he spent the next two hours going through the life of Christ, how He died, and how He came back to life.

Pray for these we were able to share truth with. Pray the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their lives.