Wednesday, July 1, 2015

God, The Ultimate Travel Agent!

Got somewhere to be?
Don’t have time to catch the last jeepney?
Never fear! God is here!
God, the creator of the universe and best 
all-around guide you could ever possibly ask for.

Really, infomercials aside, God is the ultimate provider and I can not tell you how many times He has provided Ate Gigi and I with transportation when, realistically, we shouldn’t have been able to, let alone had such an easy time of it.

Just a few examples:

We had to leave the Mountain Trek team by 5PM the other day so we could get back to their base camp, get our things, get down the road and to the street terminal so we could catch a ride to Tacloban before the jeepneys stopped running at 6PM.

We were really pushing it.

But we just had to be able to record at least a little bit of the presentation the team was sharing at 4:45 so we had to do it. Before the presentation started we all gathered around to say our goodbyes, because we knew Ate Gigi and I would have to end up slipping out during the middle, and we prayed for God to give us safe travels and transportation.

Well, the time came for us to leave and we slipped out the back after discreetly waving goodbye to the others up front and we headed out.

The first thing we had to ride was a motor-tricycle and we got one literally the second we walked up to the street, we had expected to wait at least a couple minutes. Well we get in and the woman that is driving us strikes up a conversation with Ate, which is rare enough, and then when we got to the street we need to switch rides and she actually refuses to let us pay! That NEVER happens, we insisted that she take the money and after going back and forth for a minute we finally got her to accept it. Just the fact that she offered to let us keep it made us want her to have it all the more.

After that we had to get on a motorbike and get to base camp to get our things. The man that took us there waited for us to gather our stuff together and get back to him so we could go back up the road with him and then on the way up a steep, bumpy hill, that we had yet to be able to get up without having a bike break down on us because of the weight and steepness. Well, we got up slowly but without having to stop and push the bike up the hill!

We finally make it to the street terminal to get a jeepney and we still had plenty of time. We had to wait a few minutes but that was nothing and we were able to get on one that wasn’t even that crowded (again, unheard of!).

We made it back that day incredibly easily and even had someone offer us a free ride. It was God’s planning at work for sure.

Another instance was when we were with Team Ulot and had a hike back to base camp that took 45 minutes. We were running late that day and didn’t get to start heading back until 5:20PM. The thing is, it gets dark here at 6, like pitch black dark and we REALLY needed to take a bath in the river that night and you just can’t after it gets dark, so we were booking it.

Not 5 minutes into the hike we encounter a family that offers us a free ride on their motorbike!

We couldn’t all fit but the girls went first and the man went back to get the guys after dropping us off. It cut the time dramatically and though we had to hurry we all still got to wash off that night. A blessing if I’ve ever seen one.

Pray and trust in Him to provide.