Thursday, July 2, 2015


In an earlier journal entry I talked a bit about 'mementos'. What I mean when I say memento is something I can easily recognize here that is the same back home that reminds me of life before I left. One of my own mementos for example is biking. I remember earlier this summer, some some friends and I biked from Nes's house all the way down to a gas station by Mt. Trashmore and back. Riding bikes along the Han with the team and even more students than last time gave the same vibes. 

The reason I bring up mementos is because the acoustic guitar sitting in my group house room that no one's played is a huge one for me. On weekends where I'm at my group home after a long day I'll sit in my room and just worship God. The school really enjoyed the song they asked us to present during their chapel service and so they've requested us to do a three song set this time along with two testimonies from our team. I'm really excited and it's almost nostalgic to be able to lead worship again because I've missed it so much. It's just interesting seeing God use elements in our own lives that we're already familiar with for His kingdom.