Saturday, June 18, 2016

Accepting the Gift

Our second day volunteering in the camp marked the first day of Ramadan for Muslims. Once a year Muslims fast for a month during the day time and eat during the night. While this is usually a time for rehabilitation and celebration, in the camps the atmosphere is very different. Many of the refugees are tired and dehydrated. Even though they do not have to fast because they are traveling, they continue to participate in Ramadan because they want to give themselves the best chance of getting into heaven. 

One lady in the camp described it to me like this; life is a test where good acts count as right answers and on judgement day if you passed the test then you get to go to heaven. So they are unsure of their eternal fate until they face God at the end of their days. During this time of Ramadan we are trying to share with them that salvation cannot be earned. The law has already been fulfilled and the test has already been taken. Salvation is a free gift! While most are willing to listen, they still cling to their belief that they can pay for their own sins. 

Please pray that:
•the refugees will realize the need for an ultimate sacrifice to pay for their sins
•they will open their hearts to the assurance of salvation through Jesus