Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finding God's Faithfulness in Rice Fields

So much has happened in our first week here that it's hard to pick just one thought to share with you all! We've met our supervisors and local partners, moved into our home bases, visited a Hindu temple, toured some rice fields, showed a film to our new friends, spent a few days in a village, and seen the Father at work in conversation after conversation. To write about each thing that's happened this week would take years, so I'll just share one of the many moments the Father has used to speak to my own heart. 

Our first village stay was a fun and stretching experience! Our first night in the village, our host showed us around then invited us to sit and watch the sunset over the rice fields while he prepared our supper.

As our team sat together in a little beruga in the fading light, we took turns talking with the Father. We told Him we were feeling the weight of a multitude of utterly lost souls. The burden is heavy. But as we sat together, I was reminded that we don't carry that heavy weight alone. The weight is heavy, but the Father is strong. And He is loving. He wants people to know Him, and He has the power to draw them to Himself. So although we feel the weight of the lost here in this village and around the world... that weight doesn't slow us down by any means. It pushes us forward. We keep moving. This rescue operation is urgent and there is no time to waste. So, we ask for strength from the Father and we go. 

Please ask the Father of this great harvest to send more laborers with heavy hearts to work in the fields. 

Prayer Requests for our team
-That we would continue to find persons of peace, ready to hear.
-That we would love our translators well, as our partners in the good news!
-Opportunities for good conversations. 
-Continued health as we venture into various villages in the coming weeks.