Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Local Discipleship

The past few days our team has continued to meet with potential translators from the local university. This experience has been so powerful for us as we see the students react to our explanation of our response to the Great Commission.

It is a common misconception here that only seminary graduates are responsible for spreading the Good News. When we tell them that we're studying engineering, music education, and international relations, with the intention of using our career paths as a platform for meeting non-believers and sharing the Gospel, we can see how excited they are.

We have been praying that God will use us to truly show the students we're partnering with how powerful and necessary it is to share the Gospel everywhere you go, especially in your own area.

We are so excited to be a part of their discipleship and we ask that you pray for God to transform their mindset and use them to influence other believers in response to the Great Commission.

Please continue to pray that through them and different English speaking non-believers, God will help us to effectively communicate the Gospel with everyone we meet. We have already seen so many answered prayers so please continue to lift up our team!