Thursday, June 9, 2016

First Days in Davao City

Kate trying the durian (with whole fruit in the background)
We made it! Our team arrived in Davao last Thursday morning safe and sound. The city is a busy, energetic place with some of the nicest people living here. On Friday morning we were sent on a scavenger hunt as part of our orientation. We went around the city on jeep-neys (kind of like a public bus), talking to different people and trying various local foods. One food we tried was durian, a fruit that is popular here in the Philippines. It has a very distinct smell that is kind of stinky, and the taste is hard to describe but it is quite good.

Kate's reaction to the durian!
We also tried pandesal which is kind of like a dinner roll that many people eat. It is very good because it is usually freshly baked and cheap. Also on our scavenger hunt, we were able to share the gospel with some people who we stopped to ask directions from. They seemed to listen to what we said, and it was good for us to see some seeds planted. Later that day, we were able to hand out some tracts at a park and share Jesus’ story with a few people.
Jeep-ney Ride!

Experiencing and immersing yourself in a new culture can be exhausting and scary but also fun and exciting. Our team, I think, is experiencing a little bit of all these emotions at once. Overall, our journey so far has been full of new things and adjusting to life here. We start working in the clinic on Monday! Be on the lookout for a post about our first days in the clinic. 
Please pray that our team will continue to adjust to the culture (and the heat!) here in the Philippines. 
Also, pray that we will continue to be intentional about sharing the gospel with all those we come in contact with. 
Our team at a park in Davao