Thursday, June 9, 2016

Starting Conversations

Our first Sunday in Southeast Asia, our supervisors took us to a local English speaking church. There we were able to connect with several local college students and we were amazed at how eager they were to help us with translation and outreach. 

Yesterday, we were able to use one of the students we met there, Erni, as we tried to start spiritual conversations with different women in the mall. Our minds were blown away by her enthusiasm for sharing the gospel and talking to total strangers. 

The biggest blessing of the day was the women that we met who were eager to talk about their faith as well as about Christianity. We were able to find people of peace who God and the Holy Spirit had clearly prepared for us, which was such an encouragement for all of us. 

Throughout the day yesterday, we constantly realized just how powerfully God is going to answer our prayers this summers. Each of our fears have been blown away and we can't help but wonder how on earth we ever could have doubted God's power in the first place. He has already revealed to us that He has incredible things in store for these people and we are so grateful to be part of such an amazing ministry. 

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to come before us to prepare the hearts and the minds of the people we will come in contact with each day. 
Pray we will continue to boldly share with every person we meet and that our national partners will continue to be such an incredible asset throughout the summer.