Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Getting Adjusted Part 1

View from balcony of our new home
Getting Adjusted Part 1: Our New Home At last we are finally all together at our final destination Despite jet lag, culture shock, and numerous other adjustments, the four of us have come together as a team. We have moved into our permanent residence for the summer, and it seems to be in a pretty ideal location. A popular mall is right across the street, and several English centers are just a short van ride away.

While it will take several days to feel fully settled, God has not hesitated in starting to work. To give one example, while still in the airport, I started a conversation with a student named Reyza. Last night, I encountered Reyza at an English center. Funny how God works that way! Already, we are all being invited to go places with locals. Please pray that God would continue to add and strengthen our relationships with people. And please pray that we would get adjusted to our new home.