Thursday, June 9, 2016

Meet the Team: Magical Muslim Frontliners

Jackson just finished his freshman year at Mississippi State University where he is studying studying software engineering. He is from Amarillo, Texas and is excited for his first experience sharing with the people of Southeast Asia.

Abbie is a junior at Boyce College and is majoring in Global Studies. Originally from North Carolina, she currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky and has a heart for sharing with Muslims.

Michael was born in raised in Arkansas and is now studying music education the University of Central Arkansas. This is his first trip out of the country so he is eager to serve the Lord and share with the people of Southeast Asia.

Meridyth is a junior at Baylor University and is studying international studies and religion. She is passionate about Muslims and is excited to be blessed with the opportunity to spend the entire summer serving in a new context.

Please pray for our team as we get to know each other and learn God's will for our time in Southeast Asia. 
Pray He will prepare the hearts of the people we are going to come in contact with and that we never lose sight of our purpose this summer.