Thursday, June 9, 2016

Meet the Team: Embrace the Beyond B

Hello from the Embrace the Beyond B team!

We're so excited to finally be set up on our island. Our team is three incredible people and a wonderful local believer!

Josue is from South America, so his native language is Spanish. He's a fun-loving, adventurer, and he takes his Nikon everywhere, so we'll get some great pictures! He is a seminary student studying in Texas.

Anderson is also from South America, so his native language is also Spanish . He's definitely the golden retriever of the group, making sure we all get along. He is also a seminary student studying in Texas. He and Josue are some of the strongest prayer warriors you'll ever meet.

Mat (his local name is longer) is from a different island southeast of here. He's almost done studying English and he loves the Lord dearly. He's all for everything we've got planned for the summer. He's also the same age as us, so he fits right in.

Alex (myself) is a southerner from the States, and I don't speak any Spanish, so our communication is always fun. I love trying new things and exploring, and God broke my heart for the people of Southeast Asia.

Between the three of us, we're fearless in trying new things and getting immersed in the culture. We're an unlikely group of friends with only one member being a native English speaker, but God works in wondrous ways. We will have to be focused on the little things to be able to remain a strong team and be effective in our communication. We're excited to see how He uses us this summer!

Be praying for safe travelling and welcoming homes where He has been preparing persons of peace.