Friday, July 8, 2016

Thank you for coming to my country!

After our English club this past Saturday, we met for lunch and then coffee with a few followers, and we all shared our testimonies. Some of these followers are very new believers, and it was incredible to hear how the Father has been working in their lives for a long time, sometimes years before they finally committed. Their stories are inspiring, but they would tell us that they did not know how to share it in an effective way. So in this coffee shop, we spent a couple of hours discussing with them the most important parts of their story, the most important parts of HIS story, and how they could explain it to one who has never heard. 

Autumn and I are blessed to have had much training in telling these truths, and we also have access to tools to help us share with visual aid, which we also showed them. As we stood to leave, one of the girls grabbed my hand, saying "Julie!" I turned, and she said simply, "Thank you for coming to my country."

-Autumn & Julie